Corbyn: The Last Day of the Campaign

I first came across Jeremy Corbyn in 2008. He used to speak from time to time in the JCR at SOAS, where I studied for my undergraduate degree. He was most definitely a backbencher, but one that clearly stood for something. 

Tomorrow, Britain heads to the polls faced with a historic choice: government under the Conservatives led by Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party – the backbencher-turned-leader now at the helm of Britain’s opposition. The stalls set out by each party take utterly divergent paths, and in my view the stakes couldn’t be higher.

These photographs are from the final day of campaigning before Britain heads to the polls for the 2017 General Election. Whatever the result, the last six weeks have been anything but predictable. And, whatever you do tomorrow, make sure you vote.

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