2017: The Year in Pictures

The year began with record snowfall in Istanbul. The world reacted to Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States and Article 50 was invoked, marking the start of formal proceedings for the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU. In elections, Marine Le Pen came close to high office in France, while in Britain Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party made major gains in an election the Conservatives had expected to win by a landslide. Then the country woke up to news of the Grenfell Tower Fire, a tragedy that shone the harshest possible light on inequality in modern Britain. In Westminster, after bruising exchanges with Brussels over Brexit and a string of Cabinet resignations, the year ends with a government in pieces, but also – somewhat remarkably – still in power.



The last of the snow melts on Istanbul rooftops after more than a foot of it fell in early January. Falling just a few days after the Reina Nightclub Attack, the snow made for welcome respite from tubulent times in the city – from After the Snow.

The owner of a rental PA system stands for a portrait on Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi.

Sunny, posessed by Kali, dances with his aunt at a small temple in rural Madhya Pradesh – from A Jain Wedding in Central India.

A little girl has her photograph taken as part of her registration for an Aadhaar (UID) card, the national ID scheme in India. As India looks set to become the world's most populous country, the scheme aims to register every Indian citizen.

'Love American, Hate Trump' – Thousands join a protest in London's Parliament Square against Donald Trump's state visit to the United Kingdom.

A campaigner dressed as British Prime Minister Theresa May advertises satirical one-way cruises to 'Little England' in Parliament Square on the day that Article 50 was triggered, markinh the start of formal proceedings for Britain's exit from the European Union.

Posters for far-right Front National candidate Marine Le Pen in Calais in the run-up to the 2017 French Presidential Election. Le Pen won the vote in Calais, but lost to Emmanuel Macron nationwide – from Jungle Warfare II.

A makeshift shelter built by a group of Eritrean refugees in the woods in Calais. The former 'Jungle' camp was demolished in October 2016, but many people remain in Calais hoping to reach the United Kingdom.

Journalists at work in the 'spin room' as Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks during the live TV debate in Cambridge, ahead of the General Election.

Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn addresses supporters at a rally in Watford the day before the General Election. Britain's Conservative Party suffered heavy losses in the election, but remained in power after reaching an agreement with the DUP.

A flag bearer at the inauguration of The African and Caribbean Memorial (AC Memorial) in Brixton's Windrush Square, a permanent reminder of the enormous contribution made by African and Caribbean service men and women during the First and Second World Wars and the only memorial of its kind in Europe.

Passersby stop to look at the remains of Grenfell Tower and tributes left nearby – for BuzzFeed News.

Kimberly Williams, a survivor of the Grenfell Tower Fire, photographed in her hotel room in West London – for BuzzFeed News.

From left: Aras and Harriet, David, and Farheen – part of Turning Points shot for Migration Museum Project's exhbition, No Turning Back.

Three woman sit outside the Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Davit Gareja, an ancient monastery in eastern Georgia that dates back to the 6th Century. The complex sits on the border with Azerbaijan, with each state laying claim to the land.

Mount Kazbegi and Gergeti Trinity Church towering over the town of Stepantsminda in northern Georgia, a few kilometres from the Russian border.

A stag at sunrise on a foggy morning in Bushy Park, southwest London.

Former Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel leaves 10 Downing Street by car after British Prime Minister Theresa May accepted her resignation. A BBC investigation revealed that Patel had held up to a dozen meetings with Israeli officials while in a private holiday without notifying the Foreign Office, which many believed to be a breach of the Ministerial Code.

The Downing Street Christmas tree

Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis paces in his office as negotiations between London and Brussels over the final Brexit divorce bill continued late into the night. Agreement on a gross settlement of up to £89bn was reported the following morning.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, a key proponent of Brexit, leaves 10 Downing Street after the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Two stags rutting at sunrise in Bushy Park, southwest London.

Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn making coffee on the Change Please coffee cart in London's Borough Market. Change Please is a social enterprise that supports people out of homelessness.

The annual Boxing Day barrel rolling relay race in Grantchester.

McNeese State University Marching Band from Lake Charles, Louisiana, at the preview of the London New Year's Day Parade in Trafalgar Square.


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