Tens of thousands march in London to condemn Israel's invasion fo Gaza
London to Gaza

Tens of thousands demonstrate in London against Israel’s ground invasion of the Gaza Strip — one of many protests taking place around the world.

Sri Lanka’s Civil War: A Counterinsurgency Campaign?

Can we describe the strategy used by the Sri Lanka Army in Eelam War IV as ‘counterinsurgency’?

Sri Lanka’s Civil War: Adaptation of the LTTE and Sri Lanka Army

How did the LTTE and Sri Lanka Army adapt during the course of Eelam War IV?

Batticaloa School Mural
Sri Lanka’s Civil War: Absence of a Political Solution

How has the absence of a political solution affected Sri Lanka’s prospects for peace after three decades of civil war?

‘Mini Bangladesh’: Amusement Park and National Memory Project

Shaheed Zia Smriti Complex, commonly known as ‘Mini Bangladesh’, is both an amusement park and a project of national memory.

New York City, 1932 – Fairchild Aerial Surveys
Book: Photography and Flight

From kite-suspended cameras to Google Earth’s ‘God’s eye’ view, this book tells the fascinating story of the co-development of photography and flight.